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During their free time, the Tasty twins visit their friends or go out to buy necessities. Before they debuted, they spent their free time playing video games.

So basically, they lead mundane lives…except for the k-pop idol part lol.

Source: 2 O’clock Date with Joo Younghoon Radio

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Final Poll for Tasty’s Official Fanclub Name

There is another poll for the fanclub name on Tasty’s fancafe! This time, there are only two choices: Twins and Twings, which were the top two choices from the first poll. Both polls are offical because they were posted by Woollim Entertainment, but this is the final one.

Source: Tasty’s Fancafe

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Tasty on Younha’s Starry Night Radio - Part 2

AKA “The Pain Daeryong Suffers at the Hands of His Younger Twin Soryong”

Translation by tastytwinsfacts.

Part 1

Younha: Both of you said there are times when Soryong feels like the hyung (older brother).

Daeryong: Sometimes, I joke around a lot and it can get severe - well, not severe, but there are times when I fool around.

Younha: Really? You look calm.

Daeryong: Me? Right now, I’ve calmed down a lot [laughs]. My brother is always next to me, managing me by saying, “Don’t do that.”

Younha: He keeps you steady.

Daeryong: Yes, steady.

Younha: Soryong, when do you feel like Daeryong is the dongsaeng (younger brother)?

Soryong: Sometimes, when Daeryong wants to buy something, I stop him. When something happens, I take care of him like a manager. Daeryong takes care of me like a manager, too.

Younha: You do it for each other.

The twins: Yes, a lot.

Younha: Makes me wonder if it’s because you know each other’s thoughts.

The twins: It is.

Soryong: I know what he is thinking because we’re twins, and I could see beforehand how he’s going to act. So I tell him, “Don’t do that” or “Don’t ever do that.”

Daeryong: But Soryong repeats the same thing five or six times. Sometimes he tells me not to do something, and then a little later, he says it again. It makes me feel miserable.

Younha: It seems like Soryong plays the mom role.

Soryong: I repeat it because I get the feeling that he’s going to forget, so I have to say it again. I don’t do it anymore though.

Younha: So you switch the words around?

Soryong: No I don’t [laughs], on purpose.

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The Tasty twins’ thoughts about each other and their mother.

"We rely on each other because we are twins…we sing for our mom who is in heaven."

Is it because they are twins? Even their cheerful laughter and positive attitudes are similar. They say, “We can’t help being similar because we’ve been together since birth,” and “We like being twins.” They say it’s impossible for there to be discord within their team and fights over money.

"There will never be discord within our team because we are twins. We always bicker, but that’s because we are close. We argue over trivial matters, but it never lasts over 30 minutes. We’ll also never fight over money. We’ll split it even if we earn 1000 dollars. It’s great that we could always share. We agreed that even if we end up getting married later, we’ll build a huge house and live together or live next to each other," said Daeryong.

"Amazingly, when one person gets stuck while choreographing the dance, the other one choreographs that portion. We complement each other. Also, it’s possible to get sensitive over popularity, but we’re not like that. Daeryong has more fans, but I don’t feel jealous. I want both of us to succeed, not just me."

The twins said, “As our trainee period grew longer, we thought about giving up. During those times, we gave each other strength.” Another reason the twins did not give up and worked even harder was their mother, who is in heaven.

"Right before we came to Woollim, we both wanted to give up, but our mother told us, ‘If there’s something you want to do, it’s important to achieve it. Taking your dream to the end is succeeding. I will take care of you even after you are 30 years old.’ We wanted to become singers for our mom. However, due to a car accident three months ago, she passed away before she could see us debut. Even though our mom is not here, we want to do well enough to hear the words, ‘They’ve been raised well.’"

Tasty said, “We want to be the best in Asia. We want to do so well that when someone says duo, Tasty is what pops into their heads. Watch us; we’re different!” as they laughed brightly.

Source: Excerpt from INews24

Translation: tastytwinsfacts

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Snippets from Sukira Radio 12.08.31 Part 3 (Last Part)

Translation: tastytwinsfacts


Part 1

Part 2


Ryeowook: One of our listeners asks, “Even though you are twins, who do you think is better looking?” Daeryong, would you like to answer?

Daeryong: I’ve always thought that Soryong is better looking than me.

Wook: Which part?

Daeryong: Soryong has a slender face and-

Wook: But both of you do.

Daeryong: Soryong’s face is more slender.

Soryong: Just a little more.

Daeryong: And people say my younger brother is better looking.

Soryong: Before our debut, almost everyone said I was better, but afterward, everyone says Daeryong is. We hear that a lot.

Daeryong: We are hearing that a lot.

Wook: Soryong looks a bit annoyed.

Soryong: No no, not annoyed.

Wook: Soryong, do you think your hyung is more handsome?

Soryong: No.

Wook: You are?

Soryong: [Pause] I… no, since we look the same-

Wook: Okay, Soryong says he’s better looking.

Soryong: I mean, we’re twins.

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Snippets from Sukira Radio 12.08.31 Part 2

Translation: tastytwinsfacts


Part 1


Ryeowook: We’re going to start our ‘Yes or No’ corner.

(T/N: I’ve omitted D-Unit’s answers.)

Sungmin: After debuting as singers, there have been times when my expectation of being a singer was shattered. Yes or no?

Tasty twins: No.

Wook: I’m a rookie, but I’m a bit older than the others. Because of staff and senior singers who see me as a kid, I’ve felt a tiny bit resentful. Yes or no?

Tasty twins: No.

Min: There were times when I hated being a twin. Yes or no?

Soryong: Yes.

Daeryong: Yes.

Min: Oh, both said yes.

Min: As a trainee, there have been times when I wanted to quit.

Tasty twins: Yes.

Wook: Now we’re going to go through your answers one by one.

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